Current Development Projects happening in Titusville

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With more manufacturing & space industry companies moving to the #SpaceCoast, developers are building new residential and comemercial properties in Titusville.

With the shortage of already-built homes for rent or for sale, this has sparked a major influx of developers wanting to build apartment & condominium complexes and subdivisions with anywhere from 22 to 100’s of single-family homes throughout Titusville, along with new retail & service businesses to serve these new Titusville citizens

Below are the current, on-going projects happening in Titusville:

Advent Health

location of future Advent Health office

2335 S Washington Ave, a site plan is under review for a 5,285 sq. ft. medical office.

Titusville Mall

The Newest Update can be read here

The owner of the Titusville Mall, California Retail Properties Corp., is requesting a change to the Future Land Use Map by changing the Comprehensive Plan Commercial High Intensity Future land use to the Urban Mixed Use Future Land Use and rezoning the property from Regional Commercial to Urban Village zoning district.

The Master Plan includes a mixed use development with commercial and residential uses. The amendment will be transmitted to the State’s Land Planning Agency for review prior to adoption.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill / Retail Space

A Chipotle representative tells the Talk of Titusville that the opening of this location is currently scheduled for October 22nd, 2021

A Site Plan has been submitted for a 2,400 sqft Chipotle restaurant and an attached 3,750 sqft retail building located at the corner of Harrison and US1.

The Shores at Tranquility, Phase 1

Preliminary Site Plans have been approved for Phase 1, consisting of 100 single-family home lots located east of US 1, north of SR 405.

Brooks Landing

A sketch plat has been approved for a 143-lot single-family home subdivision located north of Jay Jay Road and west of Hammock Road.

Brookshire Subdivision, Phase 1

Land clearing has begun for Phase 1 of construction, which includes 71 single-family home lots. The community will be a 166-lot single-family home subdivision located at the northwest corner of Garden Street and I-95.

Nu-Vision Professional Office 

Site and building permits have been issued for a 3,965 square foot office building located at 105 Pinedo Drive.

Fox Lake Hammock

A final sketch plat was approved September 28, 2021 for a 62-lot single-family home subdivision located east of South Street, north of Fox Lake Road. Land clearing has already begun.

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Home Depot Outparcel

A site plan is under review for a 4,200 square foot retail/restaurant located at 3363 Columbia Boulevard.

the Talk of Titusville will always be free to access. If you love what we’re doing, consider becoming a monthly Patreon Supporter HERE

Hope Hammock

A site plan is under review for a 9-unit multi-family development located northwest corner of Palmetto Street and South Brown Avenue.

This property was donated by the City of Titusville to Community of Hope to build homes to those in need.

Horizon @ Sandpoint

Site and building plans are under review for the redevelopment of the former Sandpoint Plaza located at 22 N. Washington Avenue. The proposed plan includes apartments, parking garage and commercial mixed use.

Huntington Park Subdivision

A sketch plat is under review for an 86 single-family home subdivision on 79.79 acres located west of S. Park Avenue.

Indian River Landings

Several homes have been completed and more homes are under construction at the 22-lot subdivision located on Riveredge Drive

River Palms

Site and building construction continues for 100-residential condominium units within two buildings with associated amenities located at 1805 Riverside Drive

Riverwalk Apartments

A site plan is under river for a proposed 210 unit apartment complex on 21 acres of land across from the Dodge dealership on U.S. 1

Vystar Credit Union

The former Eckerds building has been demolished and construction is almost finished of a new credit union will be located at 1809 Cheney Hwy, the corner of 50 & Barna Avenue

Wendy Lee Condos

A site plan is under review for a six (6) unit condominium building on Wendy Lee Drive, just east of Imperial Estates Elementary School

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