Titusville Foster Mom charged with 1st Degree Murder in Death of Child

A witness who is employed at the victim’s daycare provided a statement to investigators that on the day of August 23rd, 2021, the defendant picked the year old victim up from daycare that afternoon before the incident. The witness stated she did not observe any injuries on the child.

According to the geographic information found in the defendant’s cell phone pursuant to a lawfully obtained search warrant, the defendant was at or around the daycare at approximately 1700 hours. EMT’s and law enforcement arrived at the residence at 1745 hours.

On August 27th, 2021, the autopsy for the juvenile was completed by the Brevard Medical Examiner’s Office. The medical examiner determined the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head causing brain bleeding and strangulation. The medical examiner advised that the combination of these injuries was the cause of death. There was no evidence that drowning was the cause of death. The medical examiner concluded that the victim’s death was a homicide.

Based on the statements received and autopsy from medical examiner, the Mitchell is now being charged with capital felony murder based upon aggravated child abuse contrary to section 782.04(1)(a)2h, Florida state Statute.”

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Titusville Police revealed the child was brain dead during Mitchell’s initial court appearance on Tuesday.

Titusville Police say the child passed away on Wednesday, August 25th

The child was enrolled in Coquina Elementary School’s VPK program, according to Russell Bruhn, a Brevard Public School spokesperson. Mitchell worked at the school as a data clerk. 


Mitchell, who is being held without bond at the Brevard County Jail, is on leave without pay, Bruhn said. Her employment is under review, and a decision “will be made shortly,” Bruhn said. Mitchell is scheduled for a court appearance Sept. 23.

According to Titusville police, the child was badly abused and neglected.

The report states that Mitchell told officers the child had been throwing a temper tantrum. Mitchell told officers she ignored the tantrum. When she went to check on the child later, the child’s eyes were closed. Mitchell told police she believed the child was faking being unconscious.

According to police, Mitchell then placed the child in a bathtub of water, saying that in the past, it made the child “stop faking unconsciousness.” Police said that Mitchell told officers that she left the bathroom and when she came back she found the child on her side with her face submerged. 

According to the report, the child’s lips were blue and the child was unresponsive. Mitchell called a friend and then 911. The child was taken to Parrish Medical Center where doctors found injuries all over the child’s body. According to the report, the child had bruises above her left eye, bruising and swelling to the forehead and scratches to her throat.

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