Titusville & PSJ shows Community Love for Publix employee after vehicle crash

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After a recent vehicle crash where a local Publix employee was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike and sent to the hospital, the people from Titusville and Port Saint John sent Roscoe Branton love through hand-written cards and admiration on posts on social media

Morgan Tedder, another employee at the Publix that Roscoe works at, has started a GoFundMe fundraiser, where it has already raised $11,000 from local residents that know Roscoe, and has received hand-written cards to give to Roscoe while still in the hospital.

Titusville Police Chief John Lau visits Roscoe in the hospital. Photo by Titusville Police Department

If you know Roscoe, or just want to help him, you can contribute to the GoFundMe fundraiser here

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